is a new and simple way of educating and entertaining your customers while they wait.

1. Log In to Tellcast on your smart tv or google tv.
2. Choose Content
Tellcast gives you control over the content being played at your office. Just choose from our extensive list of content categories. Each category is continously updated to ensure fresh and new content everyday.
3. Add Widgets
Add to your entertainment content with widgets that educate, inform, and engage your customers while they wait.
4. Personalize Slides
Interweave slides personalized to your business into the entertainment content.
5. Enjoy
Tellcast provides endless entertainent and education for your customers. Let them sit back and enjoy fresh content everyday.

Ralph Laurie (CEO)
Ralph has spent nearly 40 years as a leader in the field of business. He Co-Authored the book “The Magic of Business Charisma” and holds two honorary doctorates for his common sense approach to business. Ralph has worked with companies like Sears, Reynolds Aluminum and Patterson Dental and has been the president and founder of several technology companies. In Ralph’s younger years, he was also a professional musician and singer.

Jason Laurie (COO)
Jason has spent the last 21 years working with business professionals to develop new and innovative ways to marketing to clients. Specializing in using new technology, Jason is well suited for the task of driving Tellcast TV to new levels. Prior to becoming a business professional, Jason was a professional magician and comic as well as a law enforcement professional.
415 Hudson Ct,Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 316-2759

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